4G LTE Connectivity for Drone

Security connect your drone to the cloud for the real-time access and control, low latency video streaming

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Hybrid Connectivity

Double the reliability of communication between drone and pilot
by combining the Cellular and Radio connection

hybrid connectivity
camera 1
camera 2
camera 3
camera 4
sony camera

Supported Various Camera types

  • IP camera
  • USB camera
  • Sony Camera
  • HDMI Camera

Diverse Payload Interfaces

xblink plus interface

XBLink Ecosystem

xblink plus ecosystem
xblink control


Increasing the position accuracy of the GPS using RTK. The correction data is transmitted in real-time over internet using NTRIP protocol.

Multiple pilots control

Beside one main pilot connection as a primary control, XBLink can allow more than one users to monitor or control drone (as secondary control) to allocation enhances coordination and teamwork in complex aviation scenarios.

xblink control

Robust security, High reliability

The video stream, command & control channel and meta data are fully encrypted making it impossible for third parties to eavesdrop the transmission or interfere with it



You can use MissionPlanner, QGroundControl runs on MacOS, WindowsOS and AndroidOS.
Yes, You can stream the GoPro video data by using HDMI extension board
Yes, you can fully control UAVs/Drone via Ground station software (QGroundControl or Mission Planner).
Less than 150ms for telemetry communication, and 300ms - 600ms for video streaming

XBStation maintains servers across the globe, XBLink will connect to the closest data center to ensure the lowest latency and high speed.

XBStation data centers are located at: Ohio (US East), California(US West), Frankfurt(Europe Central), Mumbai (Asia Pacific South), HongKong Asia Pacific East)

Yes, this is the advantage addon feature of XBLink (You need to activate this feature to use, It’s called Secondary connection), Your team (with more than one pilot) can have multiple connections to control drone at the same time.

Yes, just run multiple XBStationPilotApp apps in your PC, and you can control multiple drones in one PC

Yes, The XBLink’s primary connection technology is LTE - cat 4, and It can fallback in 3G and 2G. By default, XBLink will use 4G and 3G, you can configure the device to enable 2G, or congigure it only use 4G.

Yes, You can control the drone via the cellular connection and RF (Remote controller like Siyi, Herelink, … or transmitter) at the same time.

Yes, You can install the XBStationPilotApp Android version in your ground unit table (tested in Siyi and Herelink ground unit). The android version is in beta, the stable version is coming soon.


Yes, XBLink support HDMI(need extension board), USB and CSI camera
XBLink have USB and Uart Port to interface and control the payload (Gimbal, Sensor, Coral AI...). For mor detail, please contact us
For business purpose, We can custom or integrate your function into XBLink.
Yes, we support OEM from 10 units. For more detail, Please contact us.