How It Works

Turn your drones to connected with XBLink. Real-time access control and monitor over the cloud. Share live drone footage and telemetry with your customers. Analyst telemetry log and video record after the flights.


Pilot and Operation

Real-time control drone and monitoring video streaming from every where.

  • Cell Tower Display
  • Gimbal/Payload Control
  • Compatible with QGroundControl and Mission Planner
  • Supported: Windows, MacOS and Android


From Operations Management to Data Processing
Fleet management
  • Unlimited account in use by your team
  • Pilot and operator management
Monitor multiple drones at once
  • Real-time drone telemetry, location, attitude and cell network information
  • Real-time video footage from drone
Flight Analystic
  • Automatically log flights from drone.
  • Record and store the video footage on the cloud. Allow you to watch video online after your flight.
Dedicated cloud for your business
  • Add your brand on the domain
  • Edge server to achieve the lowest latency
  • Deploy your dedicated cloud, other people don't have access to use your cloud resource

Share Video & Data streaming to Clients/Customers/Team

Share the live drone footage and telemetry data to Clients/Customers/Team via invitation email or shareable link. The streaming interface will be play on web browser of any device without the need of any prerequisite of plugins to be installed.

Enterprise-Grade Features

Display Cell Tower

Show the cellular signal quality and the cell phone towers near your drone location. Ensure you always fly in the cellular area.

Precisiong Landing

Enables the autonomous precision landing for Ardupilot Copter based on Fiducial marker. This is the key value of some application like drone delivery, drone in box


Save your setup time and reduce risk to zero. Simulation is a effect tool practice operations, making demo flight or pilot trainer

Payload integration

XBLink have built in USB and Uart Port for access and control your payload like Gimbal, Camera, mechanism release...Make your drone more power for business