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You can use MissionPlanner, QGroundControl runs on MacOS, WindowsOS and AndroidOS.
It is possible. XBLink can connect Gopro via wifi or HDMI extension board. Release date: in the end of 2021
Yes, you can fully control UAVs/Drone via Ground station software (QGroundControl or Mission Planner).
Less than 150ms for telemetry communication, and 300ms - 600ms for video streaming

XBStation maintains servers across the globe, XBLink will connect to the closest data center to ensure the lowest latency and high speed.

XBStation data centers are located at: Ohio (US East), California(US West), Frankfurt(Europe Central), Mumbai (Asia Pacific South), HongKong Asia Pacific East)

This link demonstrate how to run drone simulation with XBLink.

The Ardupilot The SITL (software in the loop) allows you to run Plane, Copter or Rover without any hardware. You can simulate a flight and control it from you GCS over internet network in easy steps.


Yes, XBLink support HDMI(need extension board), USB and CSI camera
XBLink have USB and Uart Port to interface and control the payload (Gimbal, Sensor, Coral AI...). For mor detail, please contact us
For business purpose, We can custom or integrate your function into XBLink.
Yes, we support OEM from 10 units. For more detail, Please contact us.